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1. Will the RStyling Russian Hair Halo damage my hair?

Our Russian Hair Halo will not damage your hair. It sits comfortably on your head and does not attach to your hair.

2. Where is the RStyling Russian Hair Halo made?

It is made in the top Russian hair extension factory in the world.

3. I don't know which colour to get?

Send us a picture of your hair in natural light and our expert, Rachelle, will advise which colour will be best for you.

4. Will the RStyling Russian Hair Halo fall out?

Unless you're jumping on a trampoline, it won't fall out!

5. Do I need to wash the RStyling Russian Hair Halo?

You hardly have to wash the hair halo, if at all. But if you do need to wash it, wash it your shampoo and conditioner, like you would your natural hair and hang it up carefully to dry.

6. What is the lifespan of the RStyling Russian Hair Halo?

It has a 2 and a half year lifespan which is longer than all other extensions.

7. Does the RStyling Russian Hair Halo frizz or tangle?


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