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Why Choose RStyling?

As a hairstylist of 20 years, specialising specifically in hair extensions, Rachelle thought she knew quite a bit! She soon discovered that there is always room to learn, grow and expand. As a result of her drive to be the best, Rachelle has become an expert in hair, hair quality and Russian Hair!

Rachelle's story

"Doing hair in the states I used a lot of Chinese and Asian hair. It was mostly just what I knew. Once I experienced Russian hair…oh my word! It was a game changer! It was lighter, fluffier, matched my own hair texture better, no silicone…which meant it didn’t start out looking shiny and “Barbie doll” then wear off and get tangled. I was instantly hooked!

Now to find a Factory…oh geez! This was much more work than I planned… testing lots of different Factory hair before finally finding the perfect fit for my RStyling hair line! Quality..amazing..Russian hair that I could finally sell to my fellow stylists and clients! Something I had fallen in love with..but small do I explain why it’s 3 Times more expensive than what they were currently getting? Here's why..." 

Why Russian Hair?

1. Lasts longer. There’s no way for me to guarantee how long it will last as it depends on many factors like how a client takes care of their hair but in my experience it lasts 2-3 times longer than other hair.

2. Matches the hair texture better…this seems apparent to me but as a Caucasian women I want hair that matches MY texture hair. Indian or Asian hair texture is very different to mine and feels heavy. RStyling Russian hair is lighter and finer in texture which means a more natural overall look.

3. No silicone…yay! No shiny Barbie doll hair! Other companies put silicone on the hair to make it shiny and last longer but the disadvantage is as soon as it wears off in a few washes it tangles easily and gets matted.

4. Double drawn. All the RStyling hair is double drawn... meaning you get thickness through the bottom giving you fullness and it is easier to blend with your own hair.

5. Single donor. All the hair comes from one person so the hair cuticle is in tact and facing the same direction which for you means longer lasting and better quality hair with less tangles.

6. Remy hair with live cuticle. What does this mean for you? It is longer lasting and gives less tangles.

Now... why would you put anything BUT RStyling Russian Hair Extensions in your hair?

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